Arse Gratia Artis

Gillam Drive 2014 255

I used to think the finest painting I had ever seen was Chloe in Young and Jackson’s*. It had everything a man could want. A woman. Naked. In a pub. I had no higher aspirations.

Then I went to the hot rod shows and found the airbrush artists’ work. Now I could combine naked women, beer, and hot rods. Then I thought that if someone would set up a a dirt track raceway around a parade ground and we could have a German marching band playing while the cars ran round and all the pit crews would be naked Oktoberfest girls with big jugs**, it would be heaven.

In the meantime, here are some of the flights of fancy lovingly sprayed on the sides of vehicles. Those of you who are artists as opposed to event photographers will appreciate them…


Victorian Hot Rod 2015 275

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 277

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 313


Victorian Hot Rod 2015 282

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 280

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 284

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 278

* For North American readers: a pub in the heart of Melbourne. Centre of the city. Does nice pints of beer and steak sandwiches. The painting is an iconic thing from the 1880’s.

** Of beer. This is a family blog.


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