The Public Stomach



There are lots of festivals in Western Australia – some religious, some political, and some social. I favour the ones that feature food and/or artillery fire. This last Sunday I was treated to a day of the former as the town celebrated the Food Truck Rumble.


30 mobile pie, coffee, and stew stalls set up in the centre of the library and museum district of Perth to attract the patrons and keep them nourished while they watched the breakdance championships. Okay, shudder away, but the advertising did make it sound reasonably attractive. As it could be reached via public transportation and would finish before the gangs of native rioters took over the streets, I decided to give it a go.




Well, if you are a fan of queues, it was wonderful. Every food stall had at least 50 patrons in front of it all day from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM and they shuffled forwards, exchanged their money for the food, and skulked away. A commercial success if ever there was one. For myself, I threw my hands up in horror, adjourned to the local gay pub, had a pint, and then spent the rest of the day photographing the scene. When a lady friend joined me we found cocktail bars, a Chinese restaurant, and a churro place to finally get some grub. No standing in line.



My compliments to two people on the day – the little silver-painted juggler who performed her socks off with a great deal of style for two gold coins, and the little man who was handing out religious pamphlets. He was patient and kindly and I was glad to take one and thank him – he needed some fans.


I think I will reserve my food van eating for the car shows and the drag races – the food will be the same and the lines will be shorter.


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