Light Green And Not Mean


Hot Summ 15 168

If you are indifferent about Oldsmobiles you can go away – just go away. This blog will do you no good at all.

Hot Summ 15 169

The rest of us can thoroughly enjoy ourselves with the 50’s beauty that was lurking under the trees at the Hot Summer Night 2015 car show. The afternoon of the show was balmy, and the night promised to be equally so. How perfect for this roadster – a car modified to provide pure pleasure in fine weather.


Now 50’s Olds are slick machines even in stock form – see the maroon Rocket 88 in the studio shot. But like all 50’s GM products there were styling touches that amounted to extra bumps and protrubances. Chrome was possible and chrome was supplied. Under all the trim, though, were those airplane lines…

Hot Summ 15 167

Lose the top. Just lose it. Screw your courage to the sticking point and get out the cutting torch and hacksaw and chisel and just lose the top. And now you have…a body that sags. Okay – reinforce the frame and carry on.

Hot Summ 15 1

Strip off the chrome – but don’t touch the magic Olds headlight bezels. Wipe the nose, clean the grille, chop the windscreen.

Hot Summ 15 173

Shave the doors, wipe the bum, upholster the interior, and find a wheel that just says CLASS!.

Hot Summ 15 171

Wheels and tyres? Hard decision. Moons? Too plain, too period. Caddy spinners? Too busy. Busy? Bussy? Bus-like? Hmmmm. I wonder if there are some chrome wheels that have a semi-industrial look and a semi-race look to offset the smooth lines of the Olds?

Hot Summ 15 174

Colour? Clean and clear. Light blue, light green or light orange. They all work with a white interior. No striping, please – we’re going for aeroplane looks here. Expensive aeroplane.

Final note. Wipe your feet before getting in this roadster. Wear clean chinos. No thongs. No KFC boxes on the upholstery.




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