“How Come The Cops Always Stop Me?”


Well, you see it’s like this…


Sometimes the urge to draw attention to yourself is almost overpowering. And I suspect that for the owners of some motor cars the basic design of the body and running gear never actually allows them enough mental breathing space to avoid this sort of show.


Chevrolet Corvettes are the most common case. Not the early ones – the ’53-’57 and the ’58-’63 were stylish and sculpted and sometimes over-chromed, but these days are generally left pretty much alone when it comes to restyling during restoration. It is with the ’63 Stingray that the strange starts.


Of course, at the price of the things, classic ’63 and ’64 Corvettes are too valuable to cut apart. later years dropped in price relative to the general economy and some years dropped in the estimation of the sports-car buyer.  But the latest of the marque seems to attract a whole new breed of buyer and they in turn employ a whole new set of painters and stylists with the cars.


Case in point is this gold Corvette at Big Al’s. That must be an expensive set of airbushing on the car and it doesn’t just stop with the depiction of a ripped-up metal surface – we have dead animal decals on the rear windscreen, extensive devils, skulls, and demons on the bonnet and boot, and what would appear to be cut-out white letters glued onto the sidewall of the tyres.


Were I a traffic policeman with nothing to do and no doughnuts handy, I would think it perfectly reasonable to pull this one over and see if I could find something wrong with the car – And you can always find SOME-thing wrong with a car.


I am not advocating painting the Corvette a two-tone grey and white and installing venetian blinds and sofa cushions on the parcel shelf. But surely there is a compromise that would see it go just as fast but not look as loud. And the business of the letters stuck on the tyres…


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