Vile Is As Vile Does – The Backstabbers Guild Of Australia Is A Facebook Group


This evening I have given my official permission to Daniel South – a hired goon who works to oppress the proletariat – to commence a Facebook group for the Backstabbers Guild of Australia. This is a momentous occasion – marking as it does one of the few public airings of the Guild. That it has been done on the electric internet rather than the older traditional methods; heads on pikes and ears on strings in the marketplace…is a measure of how far we have come in the world of treachery.

The Guild has long seen the need for a more public presence. It is satisfying to leave one’s enemies crumpled in the gutter, or occupying a prominent position in the Queensland government, but this sort of thing is too often not seen or appreciated by a wider audience. Hiding the light under a bushel has never been rewarding…with the possible exception of hiding a lighthouse beacon under a tarpaulin until a freighter hits the rocks. Ah, but no – we all crave adulation.

Daniel is a resourceful fellow. He has already hinted that he would like to be appointed to a new position in the Guild. It remains to be seen whether he has the will to succeed. And if the will can be found before the estate passes into the hands of the state Collector of Revenue and Estates. Too often even the best efforts of legacy hunters has been lost in the tangles of officialdom.

It is delightful to see, as well, that new recruits have stepped forward and offered themselves to the Guild. Some of them may be attractive people, or have money, or a questionable past. All this is to the good – the Guild can make use of these circumstances. The annual Poor Richard’s Day feast will see a great enlightenment.

Do not forget to contribute generously to the Fountain Of Ruthlessness when it comes to your door.




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