Chem Trails. Koff Koff Koff…

Dreyer Mar_edited-1

I’m a tolerant man. I can stand most things. I do not buck up at corrupt football games or tainted dairy products or the occasional disappearance of enemies of the regime – any regime. I can preserve equanimity in the midst of children’s birthday parties and visits to the veterinarian’s waiting room.( I just cower inside my cage…)

But I am just fed up with the damn Russians and their chem trails over our neighbourhood. I don’t mind Kevin Watson in his Tiger Moth and the Flying Doctor is fine whenever they come in to land at Jandakot, but these daily overflights by Ilyushin cargo planes spraying dense fogs of whatever are beyond bearing.

Today it was something that smelled like a combination of California Poppy hair oil and old fish. They may have a great deal of these ingredients left over from the last Cold War, but that is no excuse for dumping them out over our suburb. The noise is terrific and the window frames are loosening. And throwing old bundles of “Sputnik” magazine out the back door after they pass over the school oval is just rude.


This afternoon they got me just as I was trying to take a panorama shot of the front of the house. Goodness knows what it has done to the sensor of the camera – the roof of the carport is covered in hot oil and they even threw out a box of plastic spoons marked “Aeroflot” and an empty vodka bottle. The solar panels are not looking good.

At least the spoons may be useful.




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