The Coolest Kid In Town

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 84

We often use this expression to describe some teenage tearaway or the latest stubbled cinema star – I think it was Madonna some time ago – but really how close do any of them get to it? They are trying to manipulate your mind into thinking better of them that they generally deserve and they definitely never have a tenth of the style of this car.

It might be the paint job – it might be the full fender skirts – and it might be the spoke wheels that make it stand out. The engine is not shown in these pictures but he was pretty powerful – more than enough to propel the car from the rear push-bar. I am not sure of the gearing ratio or the steering either, but I figure that every so often they indulge in wheel stands…

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 83

Of course no real roadster is complete without weather protection and the custom hood here also incorporates cargo storage. You don’t get that sort of thing on a Ford Sunliner.

I was also pleased to see that they have made adequate provision for pedestrians by incorporating a suitable warning horn. Too often this is neglected in modern cars.

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 85

So here’s to the inventor and builder of this rod. You can never start to be stylish too early in life and with a bit of luck the cool just keeps rolling on.


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