Stark Naked And Covered In Lawsuits


Farewell, naked ladies. Goodbye, spicy prose. Adios, sex advice for the timid.

Google has taken the veil.

Or rather, is going to veil all the idols in the temple, lest we see them and be corrupted. We can no longer show explicit images on Blogger blogs…and presumably on other media outlets that this firm controls. I admit to being unsure which ones do form part of their empire; Blurt? Clatter? Disinterest? Some of these may deal largely with digital images and the others might be configured to allow people to argue with strangers – I’m sure readers of this blog will be far more familiar with them.

This is a disturbing development. This is going to make it far more difficult to publish ” Naughty Nurses’ Nightly Frolics “. Where we could formerly compose a decently smutty magazine from images captured off the web, we will now have to go down to the nurse’s quarters at the hospital and climb up on ladders to the floor where the showers are and do our own perving.

This is not an attractive prospect. It is not the quality of the nurses in the showers that we complain about – they are fine – it is the business of trying to get the blasted ladder level in the flowerbed outside the building and then climbing up two floors in the dark. Get it wrong and you disappear sideways with a shriek – and some of those bushes are really spiky.

Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking. Google has a perfect right to make sure we only see what Google wants us to see. After all, it is Google and we aren’t. If the roles were reversed we could show it advertisements for time-share holidays and pictures of current politicians and it would have to watch or else.

I am hoping that a sensible compromise can be worked out. The viewers agree to only look at rude pictures with one eye and Google only feeds us advertisements 98% of the time. And we can still publish ” Hot, Hairy, and Hideous” on a bi-monthly basis.



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