Zumerzet Where The Zider Apples Grow

Oakover Winery 2015 103

Oh Arrrr.

Oakover Winery 2015 105

Okay, pack that one away. Here is a delightful visitor to the 2015 Oakover Retro Whatever and Car Show Day. Postwar, of course, and probably the toy of a rich – but not too rich – local magnate or his fancy woman…This would have been the perfect vehicle to go to the beach in the early January morning or to sail out after the sunset on a perfect Western Australian summer evening. Any other timing – like summer midday or winter at 9:00AM would have been misery personified.

Oakover Winery 2015 100

Not that the car was bad – far from it – the design is sweet, and if you don’t have to look at the wiring ( Lucas ) you can enjoy the engine compartment. The interior is reasonably well-appointed and the dashboard is genuine metal painted to resemble genuine wood. Even the side panels for the doors have a bit of style. Of course the purists will cavil at thestereo player under the dash but as long as one is prepared to play Petula Clarke or Vera Lyne CD’s all should be well.

Oakover Winery 2015 102

I have no idea how it handles but it does have wire wheels and four tyres so it couldn’t be all that bad. I should not really expect neck-snapping power but at least the rear axles are not open and if you are wearing a long scarf you should be safe. It is a happy car – as evinced by the turquoise paint job and pink rabbit – and would be perfectly at home with Devonshire teas – even the ones held in country pub beer gardens – and tea parties.

Oakover Winery 2015 107

Not in Boston, mind. Tea parties there tend to be boisterous.

Oakover Winery 2015 106



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