Big Al’s Shifts Gears – A New Parking Spot



Readers of my blog over the past couple of years have gotten a peek at the cars that are exhibited at Big Al’s Poker Run each year here in Perth. It’s a charity run that benefits people who use wheelchairs – the Run helps to purchase dedicated transport buses for them. It also helps the car enthusiasts and spectators to have a very good day out.

Prior years have seen it down by the casino complex near the Swan River in one or other of the open park spaces. Pleasant enough, but subject to extremes of heat in February with the grass cover sometimes dried out and reflecting back like an oven on the cars and visitors.


This year  – thankfully – they shifted it to grass areas in the Parry Lakes park. Green grass, green trees, and more facilities on-site. Food vans, commercial stalls, and a lot more comfort. Hooray.

I took advantage of the early start time to park while it was cool and got to see a lot of the cars with space around them – made for better photographic opportunities. There was coffee, and BBQ buns, and happy people all over – and more cars came all the time. I particularly marked the arrival of a convertible full of pretty girls…


Visiting an open show year after year will inevitably mean seeing some of the same old friends amongst the cars. I concentrated on vehicles that are new to me – or at least that can be seen in a better light now. Fortunately the business of importing cars from the USA is going strong and new candidates join the WA circuit.


I am grateful to the owners of the cars who left their side windows down – I think it is valuable for viewers to see the way the interiors have turned out. Of course, there are different levels of presentation – and sometimes it is necessary to angle the camera carefully to avoid the Pringles cans or old jumpers…


Still – there WAS a car full of pretty girls in 1950’s outfits. And I am delighted to say that two of them came up to me thinking I was the official photographer. No, ladies, but I am nevertheless a photographer. As you can see, the pictures with the yellow ’57 Chevy came out very well and you will be featured in a further blog post as well. Keep dialling in to the blog and if you’d like to be Hot Rod Honeys in the scale model photos that I take at Dick Stein’s Little Studio Please give me a ring or an email. I am always recruiting for Hot Rod Honeys and Hunks…also Hollywood Honeys and Hunks …to give me a chance to combine scale model sets and props with real people. I am currently looking to find all the Roaring Twenties cars that I can to make use of a troupe of dancers who will be presenting themselves as flappers in June of this year. If you ever wanted to pose with a Duesenberg or a Bugatti…


Right. Onwards and upwards. Note the rather large hot rod. I shall be looking out for more of this sort of thing in the future. If any of the motoring enthusiasts would care to keep me apprised of the truck show circuit I would be grateful. This is SERIOUS stuff and deserves attention.

What a good way to spend Saturday morning. Beats going to the shops and beats working in the shop. Now if someone would invite me to be a passenger on a car run…



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