Roll Out A Roadster

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 231

Apparently the title of this blog has already been used as a series of articles in the hot rod press – I picked this up from the presentation board next to a roadster at this year’s Victorian Hot Rod Show in Melbourne.

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 230

It is made from parts that were once a 1924 Chevrolet, but have been combined in such a way as to make very much the equivalent of a sports car of the period. Of course there were sports cars of the period, but if you were in America and had little money it would have been futile to think of a Singer or an MG. Mind you, if you were in England at the time, and had no money…nor any prospect of getting any due to your humble birth…you would also have found it futile to think of the sports car. You would have had to content yourself with tugging your forelock and finding a penny for the bus.

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 234

At least in America, Canada, and Australia you could do something about it – for yourself. Take the parts of a small car and reframe, house, and refit them into something of your own design. A speedster, roadster, whatever you called it. In the early days you could license it by the simple expedient of not licensing it, or going and asking the local cop for a license , or by giving money to the town or county licensing bureau who didn’t give all that much of a damn. These days it needs to pass so many tests that it can generally only be licensed with a special act of Parliament, Congress, or God. This is also known as a club permit.

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 235

Never mind – it is still as much fun as can be had on wheels, and if you get to do club runs and special events you can have a damned good time.Thank goodness this chap brought his roadster to the show – it is a breath of fresh air in what might be a parade of kit cars.

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 236

Please pay particular attention to the front suspension. The use of leaf springs in the frame lines leads to a much cleaner front axle that we see in many heavier cars – but remember that this has a small engine on board. Looks like a good brakes on the front. I wish the display had been more accessible so that we could see what the rear suspension was doing.

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 233

The other thing of note is the decision to finish the body with just a bucket – and a small one at that. I cannot imagine fitting two large bodies in there while driving – and as there is absolutely no boot, whatever you need to carry would have to be in a back-pack…or the side pockets of the doors. I suppose you could carry something for the weekend.

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 232

Note –  there is another roadster special coming up in the vintage show report later in the year. If you are a Studebaker fan, prepare to be wildly envious.




2 thoughts on “Roll Out A Roadster

  1. Like it a lot – I had an Austin 7 Special with similar thinking – but – fitting a Starfire four??? Probably the worst 4 cyl ever to come out of the GM stable, anywhere in the world. Lovely concept, let down by GM blinkers, sadly…. 😦


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