Wave A Flag…


Today is one of the flag days for Australia. Whether you are marching with the flag or just watching it happen, there is a right way to do it.

The heading picture is one of the right ways. Sitting on your Dad’s shoulders is one of the best places there is. He gets to keep hold of you and not lose you in the crowd, and you get to see everything. Plus you become heavier by the hour…


The next picture is how to do it when you’re on the payroll. You get a brown suit, an Austrian firearm, and a hat that bends up at the side. If you are the signalman up the front who carries the national flag you dump the bottom end into a sort of a holster, corral the loose end, and keep in step to the band just in front of  you. If they are a Navy band you just do your best. Somewhere later in the day there will be beer and at least you do not have to polish a brass musical instrument.


Third picture is how to carry the Australian national flag if you come from another country and are terribly proud of being here and terribly proud of being from there. You carry BOTH flags with pride – as high as your old arms can raise them. In this case these are people from Vietnam and they are doing a fine job in the parade.


And lastly. It is hard to tell whether this is idiocy, ignorance, or insult. I’m probably not a good judge of character, but it doesn’t look like our marcher in yellow from Bangladesh is an idiot. And I will go so far as to say that he is not ignorant. Nor do I think that the other two people in national groups from Pakistan and Afghanistan who flew our national flag inverted in the Australia Day parade would be ignorant idiots. Which leaves…

Never mind – the rest of the groups were doing the right thing and having a whale of a time. I was delighted to see the effort they made and hope the rest of the day was a joy for them all.


2 thoughts on “Wave A Flag…

  1. Far from being ignorant or insulting, have you considered this may be an informed and apposite statement. Flying the flag upside down is an internationally recognised distress signal*. Consider whether he may be a Bangladeshi, who arrived by boat. I’d suggest that this is an entirely appropriate statement on behalf of his compatriots.
    *NOTE: This doesn’t work with the Union Jack of ole England. Everyone always assumes it is flying upside down as the state of the place is distressing…


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