Ready, Steady, Go…

mel2014 573

Working on the premise that it is better to take one’s pleasures frequently and in small doses, I am about to embark upon my annual trip to Melbourne for 6 days.

Those of you who travel to this Victorian city daily hung up on a tram strap and smelling someone’s armpits may wonder at the concept of pleasure, but I assure you it can be so when it combines a hotel stay, a hot rod show, a casino visit, bookshops, art galleries, toy stores, and dinners with old friends. If it is any help to you I will be travelling out on the Essendon tram on Friday and if you  like you can smell my armpit.

Holidays in the past had a definite ritual attached to them – I would get on a plane to travel to Victoria and start the trip off with a gin and tonic. It signalled the end to care. Of course if it was the early morning flight it signalled other things to the staff and they watched me carefully…I would have drunk the tonic water by itself because the taste just pressed a button saying ” Freedom”. The corollary was the trip back which was done with a brandy and dry. A fitting closure.

Freedom was from the chains of work, from the greed of clients, from the pressures of management, from doing dishes for the entire staff…Freedom to poke around someone else’s shop or go to the pub at 11:00 in the morning or sit down and read a book. Free to eat lunch without telephones. Free from responsibility.

It came at a price. The hotel bill. The casino loss ( But one day…). The Mastercard bill for the hobby shop and book shops. I did not mind – I never spent more than I could pay, and I never regretted any expenditure.

And I got to have food every day and not do the damned dishes…



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