Holidays Is As Holidays Does


Who doesn’t love a holiday?

Especially when it involves commerce, religion, or bloodshed. And special foods. A day off to eat or overturn municipal buses is a welcome thing in any country’s yearly calendar. If it ensures your eternal salvation, the damnation of everyone else, and a small profit, so much the better.

Thus we seem to have a number of festivals spread over the world that have charming, profitable, or murderous customs attached to them, and we in our turn become attached just as firmly. Some of them are fun, as long as your digestion holds up. Some of them are not, but at least you can settle old scores…

Well, 2015 sees the introduction here in Perth of a new festive day – it will be brought into being by the Backstabbers Guild of Australia and we hope that it will spread throughout the world. This is a distinct possibility, given widespread air travel and the influence of the internet. Perhaps it will even penetrate into North Korea, if they ever get their computers to work again after poking the electronic bear…

Currently the Guild Council is consulting the Western Australian Government Gazette and the various religious bodies to choose a suitable date for the holiday – we wish to provide joy in a joyless month, while not crowding out older celebrations. There will be especial foods, drink, decorations, and song associated with it, and those who wish to get well into the spirit of the day will also be able to dress up for it. Best of all, it is to be a present-giving occasion.

Please watch this blog for further news as the decisions are made.


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