A Christmas Theng Kew To All My Readers

023Folks, I appreciate your patience with me. These last 500+ posts have been a learning experience… learning to fly a B-17 at 4,000 ft over Schweinfurt…

So far I have not been shot up too badly. There was one nasty comment a year ago but that has passed, and the automatic waist-gunner settings that WordPress provides have kept most of the spammers out of range. I am still in the dark about what advertising appears with the blog on some platforms but as I have not had outraged letters from lawyers I figure it must be pretty innocuous stuff.

I have enjoyed looking at the various blog pages that my readers produce, though I see that some of the subscribers are merely commercial ventures. Bad luck ladies and gents – I don’t do this for money and I don’t intend to spend a fortune on purchasing the good opinion of the readers. If they like it, fine – they can like it for free. If they hate it, then they should send money to buy MY affections. I supply good affection and I have a sensible price list…

Thank you for reading this. It is therapy for me and keeps the Apple wireless keyboard in good trim. Being inside tapping away at the keyboard means I am not out vandalising public buildings and it gives me a good way to use up the last electricity in the AA batteries in the house.

It has also given me a new slant on travel and photography – the business of producing something each week means I need to go places and look at things and find something in them that relates to you. You can get a lot of fun out of nearly everything if there is an excuse to be there and find it. No more aimlessly drifting about the town in the spare time.

If anyone has been offended by my writings I apologise. Some of the posts were fuelled by coffee and some by Canadian Club. The latter seemed funny at the time and I probably pushed the “send” button in the glee of the moment – I have since learned to push the “save” button and let them drain for a day before launching them. This has allowed me to edit some of them and ditch others before any damage was done.

New year coming up. Shall I continue with the same WordPress template or change to a new one? I cannot say that my design skills could do better than the professionals, and I do not want to startle away any readers who have become used to the present format. Any feedback on this? Do you want a different page to read or is Here All Week Classic a good enough flavour?

Final note: For those readers who think that the BGA is not real, we wish to assure you that it is.


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