They Say You Can’t Go Back


Everyone I talk to says you can’t go back to your childhood comfortably. I tend to agree with this because you’ll either lose what you had or have to overlay it with what the world has become now. Lots of the places I lived in as a kid are re-developed and no-one there knows me now – so I tend to avoid them. New experiences and new scenes…

Still, when I found this old shot from Alberta, I couldn’t help getting a little nostalgic for the smell of diesel fuel and the sound of rednecks. The prairies has plenty of both, particularly near Edmonton. We only stayed in Wet Dog for a few months – oddly enough it was at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis – but I got to learn how to use a typewriter and met my first overseas teacher in the junior high school.he was from Pakistan.

We lived in a house trailer on the other side of the CPR tracks in a yard that was a park for disused gravel trucks. For some reason we didn’t think it was odd at all, which shows you what our family life in construction work was like. I wonder if the truck park still exists?


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