Chocolate Biscuit


Chocolate cookie, if you are reading this in North America.

Are there any two words in the English language that produce a more favourable reaction than these? Free love? Lotto win? Fluffy kittens? Pfffft – none of these can equal chocolate biscuit.

There is never any time when it is not fun to eat a chocolate biscuit. No-one, aside from the truly allergic and the truly demented, dislikes chocolate biscuits. Chocolate biscuits have been part of dog treats, survival rations, royal banquets, and convenience store burglaries for at least 200 years. And some of the biscuits sold in Perth near Christmas are those original 200-year-old ones. They are trotted out each year, rejected, and then carefully stored by the retailers until next year.

It does not matter where you are in the world, there are chocolate biscuits. The local ones are fine, but the imported ones are finer. They flood in from Belgium, Holland, Germany, and England. South Efrica makes biscuits and tells you that you cawn’t do without them. America makes chocolate-type cookie-style baked items and carefully packages them with serving suggestions. Many of us use them as skeet targets, but then that is another sort of serving suggestion…

They need not be big – indeed those of us who are given boutique boxes of Belgian biscuits are amazed at the tiny proportions of the contents. We expect fabulous and unheard-of taste sensations based upon the presentation but of course are disappointed. Brillat-Savarin slyly suggested this in his famous book but many people have not read it. Thus the makers of big boastful Belgian boxes of mingy little biscuits can still practise their trade…as can pirates and lawyers.

Now that would be a sure seller – chocolate covered lawyers. They might be small but you could have them with soft or hard centers. And they would all be fairly rich. And harmful to the health. Like a good chocolate biscuit.


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