The Tribute Car

Gillam Drive 2014 279

I am always a little leery of record albums or stage performances that are referred to as “tribute”. The definition of tribute in the dictionary sees it rooted firmly in the ancient world as a sign of political submission that only wears a thin disguise of respect. It was essentially protection money or wealth in kind paid to stop the stronger nation from worse attacks on the weaker one.

Gillam Drive 2014 275

Seems a pretty good description of a number of Elvis impersonators and lounge singers that sing Frank Sinatra songs…except for the fact that if you pay them they tend to sing more…

Gillam Drive 2014 276

The car in these photos is a Ford Falcon depicting the star car in the old Max Max motion picture – right down to the drivers names painted on the RHS fender. It looks to be a pretty accurate rendition, if the pictures of the stills from the original film are to be believed. I am surprised that the owner would get to drive it down the street with the red and blues on top as this used to be super frowned on by the WA Police…but times may have changed. Or maybe they just get unbolted and chucked in the boot for the trip home. The rest of the decor is probably five – there is no law against painting nearly anything on your car these days. At least other drivers on the road will be able to see him clearly, unless he gets caught in a flock of Brazilian parrots.

Gillam Drive 2014 277

I wonder what Mel Gibson thinks of it all? Of course he may be too busy pursuing his acting career to notice. Or he may have forgotten the film by now. I know I had to Google it to get more than a hazy memory of it, but it is good to see that some car builders have more passion for the vehicles. It would be fun to see an entire car show of “star cars”. I wonder if there are any of the General Lee’s left?

Gillam Drive 2014 278


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