A Very Civil Response


A recent posting by a friend who is a civil celebrant set me thinking; civility is generally thought of as a good thing but we need to remember that Antietam, Vicksburg, and Marston Moor were also civil…extremely civil…civil for days and weeks, if you include time taken by the burial parties. You can go and see the monuments to civility and there are some of the cannon in the museums.

It also set me to imagining the other forms of celebrant – the uncivil ones.

There are the rude celebrants that growl at the bridal couples and push them around – generally known as religious celebrants. They aren’t answerable to state government authority, or at least not until they are charged and defrocked.Up until then divine intervention is about all they need to worry about and the righteous lightnings of heaven are generally taken care of by copper rods down the side of the building.

If you want opposites you can have military celebrants…though exactly what they celebrate is yet to be determined. Suffice it to say when they do celebrate something they have secure bases, supply lines, and adequate ordnance mapping. Of course there is always collateral happiness associated with military celebrations – you can’t avoid that sort of thing – but with proper targeting and rules of engagement it can be minimised.



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