A Blog A’Borning

Singapore 2014 445

Yesterday I spent some time with a friend preparing him for the adventure of blogging. He had thought of it for a while and was set to publish as part of a workplace effort – and the powers that be at the workplace decided not to go ahead with it – leaving him with a fair bit to say but no platform from which to do it.

WordPress to the rescue! I have, as you know, two WordPress blogs going at the present time. They gravitate to different subjects and reader pools, but sometimes cross over. The readers are frequently people who blog themselves and I have been interested to see contributors from France, USA, and other places with their own topics. Most are valuable reading – only a few are simple commercial hype.

Well , My friend Dan is not going to be commercial – any more than I am. I think he will write for the pure pleasure of pleasing the reader – and also to educate them. Quite what the education will be remains to be seen, but the title of the blog is promising:

The Hired Goon

He showed me where the title stems from and how appropriate it is for him. I left him at teatime busily planning the first post so I would recommend that readers of this blog occasionally Google up The Hired Goon and see if his is established yet. I intend to follow his writings ( while trying to sell him a digital camera for his illustrations ) whenever they appear. I’ve advised him to link to FB to get a few readers to begin with.

You’ll be surprised – for a hired goon he is very well-read. And not just the back of cornflakes packets.


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