Soviet Utilitarian Motor Transport Show

Oakover Show 2014 35

The recent “All Soviet Festival Of Motorised Transport” held in the Swan valley afforded a good opportunity to see a number of vehicles that are largely unknown in the West. The long association of the Workers and Peasant’s Collective in the Swan Valley with the Soviet motor industry led to the importation of any number of unique vehicles. Some of them were sent over during wartime on a sort of a Lend-Release basis. As working examples of Studebaker and Federal trucks were shipped into Murmansk to transport the Red Army, equal number so of RAZ and Kholtenskiiy vehicles were sent on to Australia. Western Australia was selected by the Central Committee as being the furthest point on the planet away from Moscow and as the general 5-year plan was for the Soviet vehicles to never be seen ever again this meant a lot of imported machinery in WA.

The decision of the Central Committee was wise – the new owners of the RAZ and Kholtenskiiy cars and trucks soon discovered why they were exiled.

Oakover Show 2014 20

After the war, the Soviet industries flourished, manufacturing luxurious cars for the masses. These were  naturally much desired in the Soviet Union. The RAZ and Kholtenskiiy works also responded to the call by Stalin, Bulganin, Malenkov, Lysenko, Molotov, Beria, Khrushchev, and Popov to be terribly, terribly loyal and to increase the production and speed the mechanisation of the proletariat. After reviewing the 1955, 56, 57, and 58 models produced by these factories the Central committee took the unanimous decision to re-introduce the practise of shipping the things ( and the designers ) as far away from them as could be humanly possible. Thus the 1959 RAZ-Khol ” Fulschitzka-8″ luxury farm vehicle was launched.

Oakover Show 2014 23

This is the only model of the F-8 still in existence. As you can see it was intended to provide hero workers with adequate transportation to and from the potato fields while embodying the spirit of cooperative dialecticism. This accounts for the wire wheels and low tyres. The multiple tail-lights are designed in Camp B-4 of the Iturbsk Re-education Zone and most of the fittings are not very radioactive. Many people like them, and have received shorter sentences for expressing their appreciation.

Oakover Show 2014 25

Of course it would not be an RAZ car without an interior – they have learned that lesson. Note the fine upholstery that covers much of the surfaces. If you want to steer, there is a wheel and why not? In keeping with the spirit of preparation for all eventualities there are the two mandatory red boxes filled with gas masks and iodine tablets. Correct warning will be given when these are needed and it is a punishable offence to break in and steal the gas masks before this time.

Oakover Show 2014 36

The side of the vehicle is already fitted with the mountings for the SS 42 missile ( NATO code name ” FIZZOG “) but no sign of the firing mechanism has been found -this may never have been sent at the time, being needed for the Baltic Fleet. There have been few occasions for its use in Midland or Guildford in the interim and most scholars consider it a side issue.

In any event it is good to see this prime example of the RAZ -Kholtenskiiy design bureau preserved. Future generations of Young Pioneers will draw inspiration from the success of this and other Central Committee rulings and we can be sure that when true communism arrives, it will be in a car very much like this one.



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