The Guild In Singapore

Singapore 2014 391

I have often been asked whether the Backstabbers Guild of Australia confines its attentions solely within our own country. The answer is yes, but a qualified yes. That means no, but not a complete no. Can you tell we write policy statements for Canberra…?

Singapore 2014 383

Here is an example of Guild activity in our sister organisation, the BGS – Backstabbers Guild of Singapore. The venue is the Singapore City Gallery – a delightful building featuring planning offices and scale model representations of Singapore- open for free to the public, and a great entertainment for fans of miniatures and small worlds. Also a good way to understand the layout of the city/nation. Thoroughly recommended.

But be careful that when you go there, you are not tempted to sit down on the convenient glass-topped bench near the scale model on the ground floor. Because it is not a bench – it is a perfectly clear water fountain with imperceptible water flow over the edge. Like a small infinity pool, but placed to catch the unwary traveller. Sit on this one and you disappear with a shriek and have to be hauled out by the grinning locals.

Singapore 2014 392

Farewell, dignity. Hello, wet trousers.

Congratulations to our Singaporean Brethren – this is a perfect example of the aqueous betrayal. The Bishop of Salzburg would have been proud…


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