People Who Need People


This a posting about figure modellers – people who need people – as opposed to masseurs – people who knead people. Insert laugh.


The models in this post are all from one man, and I can’t tell you his name. Not because it is secret, but because I  never asked him – I was too busy looking at what a fine job he had done of the miniatures.


Now figure painters come in all degrees of skill and interests – from the ones who make goblin armies of small plastic figures and then march them across table tops – to the 1:6 scale figurists who make individual soldiers in actual uniforms. They might be likened to doll collectors but the details they incorporate into the figures are anything but doll-like. Anyone with a 1:6 scale George Patton or Hermann Göring ain’t playin’ dolls…

These busts and figures are likely to be commercial castings – I cannot say whether they might be white metal, pewter, or resin. The end result after the artist has finished is certainly not an inanimate object. Each one of these sculptures is alive. The painting is just that good.

DSCF9404The row of heads is not a study for decorations on the new Parliament building – though I can see the charm of a row of heads on pikes myself. They are the stages of development of the painting of a face, from undercoat to the depths of wrinkles to eyes, to the highlights on the bone surfaces. And consider that these are just the heads. there are hands, torsos, fabrics, leather armour, and all the rest of the surfaces to emulate. And it must all be done without obscuring the detail of the original casting.


I was heartened to see that he offered a free class on this form of art at the model exhibition – talent like this is too good to be obscured. Who knows what other person might be inspired to take it up – or at least to improve the appearance of their model tank or aircraft by adding a really well-done crew. I hope that the artist takes up painting some of the pinup figurines as well – the Medusa was, after all, a Public Serpent…

Insert laugh.


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