Well, That Seems To Have Gone Splendidly


I am happy to be able to report that Australia has remained safe from the triple menace: German aggression, Turkish non-aggression, and American fun.

Over these last few months we have seen preparations for a commemorative day in our southern port of Albany based upon the transit through that port of a number of warships and troop transports in 1914. These were conveying local volunteer troops to the Dardanelles to assault Gallipoli. The Defence Department and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs arranged for visits by naval vessels and contingents from the army for a street parade and a number of special events – these are going on as this post is being typed.

Local veteran’s organisations and re-enactment societies are going to be taking part, though for a while there is seemed as if they would be excluded. I privately wondered whether this was jealousy on the part of the official armed services or the DVA or the realisation that the local enthusiasts would not really be under legal military control. Mind you, as the day was said to be going to attract some 60,000 spectators, perhaps nothing in the town could be really under control anyway. We shall see what the papers say on Monday. Betcha the sewer system is working…

In any case, it’ll dispose of the Turks, who will presumably flee or throw down their arms in abject surrender as soon as the troops rush ashore…

As for the Germans, they are engaged in Oktoberfest anyway and have holed-up in prepared positions at the Rhein-Donau Club drinking beer and eating sausages so they will not be interested in the march anyway.

But the best news is that Halloween is over and Perth has not been devastated by zombies, witches, pirates, or ninja turtles. The high-minded sniffing British colonial patriots who always complain about anything from America have had their annual whinge about trick-or-treating, the families who have gone out T 0r T’ing are home safe, and we still have a couple of bags of those miniature chocolate bars left. I have plans for them.

I noted that the costumes this year are getting better – none more so than those families where there are adult cos-play enthusiasts. When they send their kids out, their kids are DRESSED. One had artificial doll-joints drawn on her arms and legs and one little one went out dressed as a Willys Jeep. That’s imagination. Beats my old scarecrow outfit all hollow, but then I have the advantage of being able to dress like a scarecrow all the time and everyone just attributes it to my age.

Chocolate anyone? Or sausage?




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