My Adobe Hacienda


I have been told that miniature exhibitions are competitive things – that there is an underlying electricity on the table as one display copies another and cheerful ladies glower at each other over the Victorian mansions. I am prepared to believe it – I have see more pacific occupations turned into infantry battles ( with sarcastic artillery exchanges) before this. One need not be armed to the teeth to enjoy a good assault*.


Thus I was lead to speculate on the two miniatures seen on this post. In previous years candy shops and soda fountains were the go. Modellers vied for the best malt shop. I am sorry to say I missed out on this as I need a good malt shop for my own studio photography. I’m building one but I need better props. This year may well have gone to the Mexican brigade.


The two haciendas seen here – one in a fuller form – are intended to evoke the lazy charm of Mexico or Spain. As one who has seen the lazy charm of Mexico I can concur with the desire, if not the accuracy. If it is Mexico, where is the smell of dog poo?


Oh, that was cruel, but take a look at the fine details of the enclosed rooms – the little ornamental dolls are really a true latin feature – the love of display is perfectly captured here. So, too, the outdoors kitchen and wood oven. Given that little patio I could make chili or tortillas myself. The only thing missing is an agua jar and a hammock. Indeed, if I ever retire to the country I think I would delight in an adobe construction of this type – and I would have a cool interior room with a big bed included. It would be full of peace.

Perhaps when all the Mexicans have finished moving over the border into Arizona and Texas there will be empty cottages in Mexico for just this purpose…

* Though it does help.


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