Diabolical Liberties On The Open Road


The alternative title for this essay was ” Colouring-in for would-be adults” but I decided it might attract the wrong sort of viewer. Hell, it might attract ME and I’m starting to think of MYSELF as the wrong sort of viewer…

As you will see, I have a Wacom Intuous 3 computer tablet and Photoshop Elements 10 and I am not afraid to use them. I am also not afraid to advocate them in our photographic shop as the way forward for successful photo editing. Now that the Adobe people are making the business of using their CS suite of Photoshop programs harder to access – in the guise of making it easier – I am more than ever determined to stick to the Photoshop Elements program. If they take this away from me and stick it on some cloud that they control, I shall investigate other editing programs. I already use Aperture as my batch organiser and processor, so that takes up a great deal of what must be done.




Rant over, I must also express my gratitude to the DOKUMENT PRESS people for producing a colouring book called ” Lowrider Coloring Book” for the low price of $ 14.95. I picked up my copy in Melbourne at the Metropolis bookstore in Swanston Street and am delighted with it – They seem to have more in the series with graffiti and old masters to colour in. I’ve scanned a number of these drawings into my computer and sit cheerfully filling in the spaces with colours from the PE pallet. Their drawings are excellent in that they have clear spaces into which you insert the colour and definite lines to follow. I’ve also tried the business of giving a couple of them backdrops from the Alien Skin SnapArt program.

The other line drawings are derived from some of my own photography broken down in PE10, while the actual photos are taken on my portable camera – a Fuji X-10.

The line drawings let me experiment with colour combinations – there are things that modern car companies are just not prepared to do with paint. Presumably this is for fear of alienating the customers by going too far from the main stream. If you remember that the mainstream fifty years ago enthusiastically flowed with a number of spicy colours – like pink and charcoal – you can see the frustration I experience when 6 out of 10 cars I see on the road are boring white and three more are shades of silver or grey. So I fill in the rods with colour.



Here’s a perfectly innocuous ’49 Mercury from the 2013 Victorian Hot Hod Show that has become a locomotive – my apologies to the owner.



Likewise the old Toyota that my daughter’s boyfriend drives. He’s a Manchester City football fan so I am doodling away with white and light blue. Still not there yet. but when I am finished I will show it to him and offer to buy him a pot of blue paint and a brush…


Actually I have just discovered an old book of naval camouflage and cannot wait till he goes away on holiday so that I can get to work. Western Approaches would be nice too…

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